Naval Aviator – Marine Fighter Pilot

Serial Entrepreneur & Adventurer

… a life in process on a road less traveled.
Risk – Adventure – Compassion – Creativity – Courage – Endurance – Reflection:

…such words, as descriptive as they may be, are insufficient to describe the complexities, challenges and beauty that life presents. They also inadequately describe the character that will be required of us that we may live a full and joyful life amidst the twists and turns on the road less traveled. Long before we are able to recall the early moments of our lives…from the deepest reaches of our memories, we were learning, growing and exploring. It is our life path to do the same each day…to push our personal boundaries, get in the ring and stand up when we fall. Yet, of all of the attributes that we bring forth from our earliest days, it is our joyful spirit and wide-eyed wonderlust that we must guard most carefully.

Each of us stands on the shoulders of giants, allowing their words and deeds to awaken our spirit to the endless possibilities of the universe. Some of those giants walk with us generation after generation. It is my hope that we can all be giants on whose shoulders others will walk. – Jon Nikolai Carlson