Jon Nikolai Carlson… wanderlust & life in motion

Welcome to my blog and my first post. Many blogs have a well defined purpose: to solve a problem; to cultivate an online presence; or to move an entrepreneur’s vision of leaving the 9-5 grind behind. My blog begins without such grandiose plans. I don’t expect this website to be the next greatest photography or adventure/travel blog. To be frank, I am quite private. For most of my life I have lived without an online presence. I have never felt a void that yearned to be filled by Facebook or Twitter. The very act of creating an online presence was a leap for me. With a simple mouse click, I suddenly have my thoughts, writings and images permanently recorded in the farthest recesses of cyberspace. This fact alone has been sufficient to keep me from developing an online presence. And yet, here i am…and here is the answer to one who asks “Why now? Why at all?”

The simple answer is that I have moments, images and thoughts that I wanted to share with a few select people: primarily family and close friends.

Specifically, I have had the great opportunity through my family, Marine Corps and adult life to travel around the world. From Asia to Europe and more, I have made enjoyed great moments, wonderful people, diverse cultures and extraordinary beauty.  I was always the guy in my group who carried my camera. The idea of recording my travels photographically and creating a record of both the poignant and mundane seemed important. How often does one travel to rural Japan, live aboard an aircraft carrier or enjoy Naval Aviation training with some of his closest friends and fellow Marines and Naval Aviators?

Most of the images that I shot from this time period and my early years are on slide or film. The slides and negatives are sitting in a storage box somewhere waiting to be rediscovered, processed, sorted and shared. That process could take years but it is a project worth starting.

As recently as the summer of 2015, I finally stepped into the world of DSLR and digital photography. The current photographs are all shot with the gear I posted on the Camera Gear link. Before I made the leap into a modern and powerful DSLR camera, I had to learn all I could about the different brands, camera body and lens capabilities and limitations and digital developing. I wrote a post discussing how and why I chose the gear that I use today but like most things in life, each of my choices in camera body, lens or accessories was a balance between cost and capabilities. I am thrilled with each piece of my system. The time and effort to research each component was time well spent.

While I created the blog to share my travel and adventure photos, no personal blog is complete without a bit of wanderlust, “how-to”, philosophy, reflection, musings and the occasional rant. The extent to which I fill in the blanks on my more personal side is up in the air. Those more personal writings will unfold, or not, as I may later determine.

For now, please enjoy the beginning of my new journey into this digital world of commentary, sharing, images and self-discovery. I welcome your feedback and comments.

A treasured journey to all,

Jon Nikolai Carlson